In an article by Lem Satterfield at, he talked about Volodymyr Sydorenko as a possible opponent for Donaire.

Volodymyr is a decent opponent with a solid record, who has beaten Joseph Agbeko and lost only twice in his career.  Unfortunately, Volodymyr is now on the downside of his career and his two losses transpired in two of his last three fights.  His only win came against Mbwana Matumla, a fighter who has lost three times in his last five fights, with two of them being by knockouts. In other words, it came against a typical 'sacrificial lamb' fighter, a fighter who is not expected to put up much of a fight and is often use to pad someone's record.

A better opponent would have been Anselmo Moreno, the tall southpaw with great defense, who gave Volodymyr his only two defeats.  He has lost once, but it was very early in his career against Ricardo Molina, a fighter whom Moreno has since beaten twice.  Moreno has also beaten Tomas Rojas, who recently won the vacant WBC super flyweight title.

Sure a fight with Moreno, might not be the most attractive, but he is what you might call 'the best player available' with Montiel seemingly hesitant to fight Donaire, Hasegawa fighting Juan Burgos and the rest of the top fighters in the division being involved in the bantamweight tournament.  Moreno will at least have the size and skill to compete with Donaire unlike his past few opponents.

Sure many fans will still not be satisfied, but it's hard to blame Donaire on this one since he wasn't the one who took himself out of the bantamweight tournament.  This time, it's hard to blame other fighters for supposedly ducking him either when they are involved in the same tournament that was supposed to include Donaire.

The tournament that would have provided Donaire the perfect chance to finally obtain the fights that he had been seeking, while earning some decent paychecks.   However, Arum pulled Donaire and Montiel out of the tournament for reasons that still don't make sense to many fans.

In an interview with Ricardo Lois, Arum stated, "I don’t want my guys fighting in there just because there are big paydays,” said Arum. “If one gets hurt and is in a condition where he should not keep fighting, I don’t want them in there.”

However, that excuse doesn't fly since Jermain Taylor was able to get out of the tournament and was replaced by Allan Green.  But many fans didn't make much of a ruckus since Top Rank was supposedly planning to make a fight betweein Donaire and Montiel happen.  Unfortunately the super fight between the two seems off and once again Donaire is in the same position that he has been in the last few years; on the outside looking in.


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