1.  Mayweather to stop playing games and decide if he truly wants to fight Pacquiao in what definitely will be the biggest fight since Marvin Hagler vs Ray Leonard.

2. For Donaire to finally get his wish to fight someone formidable; one who actually poses some risks.  Hopefully the potential fight with Montiel pushes through, but don't bet on it.  How many times have the fans heard about Donaire fighting another star only to find out later that the negotiations fell through.  Manny Pacquiao is nearing retirement and Top Rank needs to a better job in promoting Donaire.  He should have already been featured in one of Pacquiao's fights already.

3. For David Haye to put up or shut up.   He boasted of bringing excitement to the heavyweight division and called out the Klitschkos.  But all he's done is back out of potential fights with each of the brothers, and so far all he has provided the division is another fighter who is not willing to fight the best.  Now, there are talks that he might fight Audley Harrison, which is a far cry from what we expected since the latter is not even one of the top contenders in the division.

4. A fight between Devon Alexander and Timothy Bradley, the top two fighters in the junior welterweight division.  Bradley need to stop calling out Manny Pacquiao and face his rival in the division.  Devon has been clamoring for a fight with the 'Desert Storm' for awhile and has beaten solid opponents such as Witter, Kotelnik and Urango.

5a. For Bob Arum to stop making excuses and put up the best possible fights.  His fighters need to fight the best opponents possible and not the best opponents possible under his promotion company. Lopez needs to fight Caballero and Pacquiao had other options beside Margarito.

5b. For Golden Boy to stop embarassing themselves by manipulating the truth or contradicting their previous statements for the sake of defending Floyd Mayweather Jr.  They need to remember their promise to clean up the sport and not become part of the problem.

6. A boxing undercard that rivals those in UFC.  One that features top prospects and top contenders facing each other.  Remember when the boxing undercards also used to involve title fights?

7. For Humberto Soto to finally fight a top contender.  Since his lost against Joan Guzman, he has not fought any fighter that posed any real threat.

8.  For the Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Kelly Pavlik fight to happen.  It's time for us to find out if Chavez is for real and if Pavlik can get his confidence back after loses to Martinez and Hopkins.

9. For boxing organizations such as WBC to stop adding worthless titles such as the diamond belt etc.  Also, boxing doesn't need multiple champions in a certain weight class from only one organization.  Do we really need an interim champion, regular champion and super champion?

10. For boxing organizations to stop stripping legitimate title holders of their belts for the sake of getting more money in sanctioning fees.  If a champion chooses not to fight a mandatory opponent, who have not done anything to deserve it for a chance to fight a top contender or another champion, then his title should not be stripped from him.